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Tips for Buying Eyeglasses Online.

In most cases, people buy eyeglasses online even without their prescription at hand and some cannot even remember what was written. Your standard prescription will only be useful to you for about 2 years and if you are younger you need to get another check-up after a year. You can get your optician to do another prescription but you do not have to limit your choices to what is available online. You will definitely walk out of the clinic with a prescription for the eyeglasses whether you ask for it or not. This specifies the eyeglasses you will need to get. Even so, make sure you do not do a blind order based on the clinical term written on the pad. Ensure you know your exact PD measurements before placing your order. The figure can be found on the prescription but at times it is not available. Your doctor will definitely have your PD in your medical records and calling them will be the easiest solution but if this is not possible you can view here for more information on how you can do it by yourself.Generally, you can enter 57 for reading glasses or 60 for distance glasses.

In making your order, you ought to state the kind of a frame you are looking for. Generally, frames are made based on the size of your temple, bridge and eyes. Every retailer will indicate the frame measurements on the inside temple of all the eyeglasses and if the ones you have fi well you can get the measurements and get a frame of a similar size. If that does not cut it you will have to try different kinds of eyeglasses at your local optical shop so that you can determine what works for you. In such a manner, you will not have a problem choosing the frame measurements when placing your order. Your face shape will also dictate the kind of eyeglasses you should buy. The main face types are diamond, oblong, oval, round, square and triangular. You can ask your optometrist to help you figure out your face type and the eyeglasses which will be best suited. All this can be done on your appointment so that when you leave the clinic you will know what to order.

The type of the lens you should buy is something else you have to think about prior to the purchase. They can be clear, photochromatic or tinted. The lenses are the most important component in eyeglasses. People who need strong lenses will have to buy the thicker ones.